Progress? Well…a little!


Today we got the revised budget from the headmaster on the finishing of the Oldonyo Sambu Primary School building. It was still much more than I had hoped, but after going through it piece by piece, I think we can bring it down substantially. This morning, I spent several hours traipsing across Arusha visiting one hardware store after another in search of the best price for “iron sheets” (galvanized aluminum roofing). We were able to find a MUCH better price than the headmaster had quoted, which gives me much hope that many of the other line items were priced only locally in the Maasailands — which surely raised the estimate. The stores in Arusha have much more competition, and prices are adjusted accordingly…thankfully. The next few days will be spent shopping, item by item, for better prices: from nails to cement to paint to timber. My dad would be proud. I’m hoping to bring the budget down by at least a third, if not more. If only they had a Loews or Home Depot here…alas…

The next step will be to see how much of the project we can actually afford to do at this time…and what portions can wait until more money is raised. My initial thought is that we will be able to put a roof on the building for sure…(Dad, it will be just like the barn roof — but this time straight!). After that, I’m hoping we can afford desks…then a chalkboard…then a teacher’s desk…then windows and doors. You see where this is going, right? I’m trying to step by step create these classrooms — no frills to start, but hopefully in a short amount of time, we can get the entire thing done.

After I get true prices from the hardware stores/suppliers this week, I’ll line item out a few things so that you can all see what we are up against and what benchmarks we are trying to reach. I should also, by then, have an idea of what the community itself will be able to contribute — maybe nails, maybe wood, definitely labor! I’ll keep you posted on all of that as well.

Thank you again, to all of you who have already donated. And if you haven’t already…The Donate Now! button is to the right of this page…(thank you. thank you. and thank you again.)

I do have to say, just having the latest (however large!) budget in hand has truly excited me. I feel like this is coming together…iron sheet by iron sheet, nail by nail…but it’s coming together for sure!

In regards to the books requested by the headmaster, it was quite a list. I am still awaiting title and publisher info on all — and then I will be reaching out to publishers and distributors to try to obtain donations/partnerships. Publishing friends, I’ll be contacting you very soon!

Thank you all again for your support, well wishes, donations, inquiries, and love. This is quite a journey I am on — and I am certainly learning new things every day!

Hope you and yours are well and happy.

Take care!



2 responses to “Progress? Well…a little!

  1. Dear Heidi, I think its wonderful watch you are doing! I would love to get involved, unfortunatly i dont have the finances to make a donation at this time. However i do have extra time that i could volunteer my services. If you could direct me,I would love to donate my time in any way that i can be of service.

    • Wow, Ronda! What a wonderful and generous offer! I am just getting this project going, but I will DEFINITELY need some help…and very soon. Thank you so much! I will be in touch as soon as I figure out what I will need done. It’s really wonderful to have this kind of support. Thank you again! Heidi

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