The Big Project: So Close to Finished!!!

My thank you message to the fundis on the newest chalkboard.

Another dusty, bumpy trip to Oldonyo Sambu this week…but what a payoff!

The school looks AMAZING! The fundis were just finishing the final plastering of the back side of the building when we arrived. Two more ironsheets, a few more ceiling panels, and one more chalkboard need to be installed, but overall it looks fabulous.

Our fundis (contractors) have done incredible work. I am SO happy with them and with their attention to detail. They’ve really made this project a dream come true!

More photos have been uploaded to the FB link:

We delivered the paints, 20 more bags of cement, a few more nails, locks for the windows, and some additional painting supplies to the school. This time, via a smaller truck. We still need to purchase glass for the windows and a few last items, but overall, we are looking good!

We are SOOO close to finalizing this project — and absolutely thrilled with the progress.

I know I keep saying this, but donations really are very much still welcomed. My savings account is pretty much empty at this point, so whatever you, your friends, your church, your sports team, or your book club can do to help, it would be very much appreciated. Check out the How You Can Help link above for where to send checks or Paypal donations.

Thank you all again for your continued support of this project. I will be coming home very soon — and sending out proper “Thank yous”, receipts, etc. to all of my wonderful donors for your tax purposes.

Asante tena (thank you again!),

Heidi Henneman


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