It’s Been Quite a Year — Let’s Make It Even Better!

Dear Friends of Jenga Jumuiya,

Thank you for your support and well wishes this past year. It has indeed been quite a year!

Just over a year ago (October 4, 2010 to be exact), we officially started the build at Oldonyo Sambu Primary School. At at this time last year, we were in the midst of our Kasi Kubwa (Big Work!) Project. The two classrooms and teacher’s office that we built last year are gorgeous and have been used continuously since our construction — with afterschool groups using our rooms as meeting places (since we are the only classrooms with electric lights!)

In a few short weeks, I will be returning to Tanzania to visit the school and determine what additional assistance they may need in the coming year. I plan to take lots of photos and post them for you all. I’m so excited to finally see these classrooms in use!

In the meantime, I am again raising funds for education in Tanzania. My focus in the coming months will be to raise enough money to support our three outstanding students: Joyce and Loisolo in primary school and Gifte in secondary school. If you would like to contribute to the education of these awesome kids, please click the HOW YOU CAN HELP section at the right or the DONATE NOW tab above. (Or contact me directly at the email or number below.)

Thank you again for your incredible monetary and emotional support as I continue this amazing journey of bringing education to the much-deserving children of rural Tanzania.

Please feel free to share this blog and information about Jenga Jumuiya with your friends and family. The more you share, the more we can help these incredible children.

Asante sana (Thank you in Swahili) na Ashe Nale (Thank you in Maasai).

All the best to you and yours,

Heidi Henneman
Jenga Jumuiya
Tel: +1.646.373.9084


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